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Essential tips to enhancing MSP video content in 2024

Essential tips to enhancing MSP video content in 2024

It’s no secret most of the content we consume these days is video.

Recent statistics show that more than 91 percent of businesses are using video as a marketing tool in 2024.

Before I go deeper, I want to make it clear that I don’t like sharing generalized statistics to convince managed service providers (MSPs) to do something. While it may be true that 91 percent of businesses are using video – this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s giving everyone a strong return on investment.

At Tech Pro Marketing, my MSP marketing agency, our primary goal is to earn positive results for MSPs – and provide the necessary guidance to do so.

In this post, I want to do more than just tell you to start creating video content for your MSP. I want to provide a snapshot of how to do it the right way. Let’s get into it.

Invest in professional video equipment

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand the ripple effect of the technology you use for your video content.

The videos you create may be the very first impression a prospective buyer has with your MSP.

People are consuming more videos than ever before, and it’s painfully obvious when a creator is cutting corners. This reality holds much more weight as an MSP owner. You’re in the technology business.  A subpar video setup subliminally tells prospective clients that your IT services may also be subpar.

You don’t have to invest in a Warner Brothers-type production studio. But at the very least, you need:

  • A high-quality camera and microphone
  • Video editing software – or a professional video editor
  • Good lighting
  • Acoustics

These are the table stakes of creating video content as an MSP. If you need equipment recommendations, reach out to me. I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Create content that’s genuinely relevant to viewers

Why is SmarterMSP such a great content hub?

They publish content that is highly relevant to MSP owners.

Before you create a video, you need to be sure there is demand for the topic. Some good places to start may be:

  • Expert interviews
  • Commentary on trending news in tech
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • General advice to business owners

Keep in mind: the majority of your prospective clients probably don’t have the same technical knowledge as you. The topics you might find fascinating could be completely over their heads.

Do your best to keep it simple and explain concepts in layman’s terms.

So where do you find good, in-demand topics?

There are a few places to start.

For one, tap into your internal resources.

  • What are some of the frequently asked questions you get from existing and prospective clients? 
  • What areas do many of your clients struggle with? IT security best practices? Onboarding? 

For more generalized advice, look into trending questions.

Start by Googling a term relevant to what you do; managed IT services, IT security, network, cloud migration, etc. Look at the “People Also Ask” section. These questions are a gold mine for topics.

The most important thing to remember when creating video content is to stay informed. Carve out a few minutes of your day to catch up on industry news, look at what your competitors are doing, and keep up with how technology evolves.

Get comfortable speaking on camera

This is a big hurdle for many people when they start creating videos.

Talking on camera is intimidating, there’s no way around it. The name of the game here is confidence. It might take some trial and error to find your mojo.

Some words of advice:

  1. Look directly at the camera when speaking. Eye contact makes it easier to trust you, even on video.
  2. Don’t be too reliant on a script. It’s obvious in a video when someone is reading off of a script, and it tends to look artificial. If you’re using a script, memorize it first.
  3. Talk slowly. Don’t drink a bunch of coffee before you record a video. Your messages need to be easy for the viewer to digest.

It took me a while to get comfortable talking to a camera – now I do it pretty much every day. Just keep practicing. It will get better with time.

Keep it short and concise

Attention spans aren’t getting any longer.

For a sales video, keep it to 30-90 seconds. Do the same with explainer videos.

If you’re responding to a direct or pressing question, you can make the video longer. But try not to exceed four minutes.

There’s no “perfect” length for a video. Just keep it as streamlined as possible.

Your viewer’s time is precious. It needs to be clear that watching your videos won’t take up too much time. As you build up a bank of video content, keep a close eye on your engagement data in relation to the length. Sooner or later, you’ll figure out the sweet spot.

Wrap up

We’re living in a video-centric world. This reality spans across all industries.

Your target clients are getting younger and more tech-savvy, and younger consumers prefer video. Producing this type of content can make your MSP more engaging, authoritative, and impressionable.

Have you been pondering video marketing for your MSP? If so, I can provide some pointers. Send me a message on LinkedIn or reach out through my website if you’d like to discuss video or any other type of marketing for your MSP.

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